La Bella Figura Bohemia Verde

A new breed of superb, artisanally produced hair oils – mostly organic in ingredients – are redefining how you’ll treat hair. While you’ve been busy swathing your skin and soul with some of the finer oils we’ve uncovered, a handful of your favourite niche brands have quietly been stocking their shelves with hair oils to accompany their mainstay body lines. La Bella Figura, with their understated authority, is one such brand to bridge the demand for treating hair differently than skin.

The hidden gem? Bohemia Verde ($25) is a petite fixer upper for the lightest of locks (read: my fine hair) to the curliest of African American ringlets. It’s a pretty dizzying compilation of oils – Argan, Camellia, Avocado, Olive and Coconut, unified seamlessly to create a fortified structure of moisture to drench dry ends on point. While the usual preconception of hair oils is that they are ‘heavy’ or ‘cloying’ or even ‘weighty’, La Bella's oils are highly refined and purified, giving the treatment an extraordinary medium-bodied texture. The test for a hair oil? The best oils will wash out with one shampoo rinsing. Medium-bodied oils may take about 1-2 rinses depending on how your hair's thickness, while heavier oils may require a full clarifying shampoo rinse.

Camellia oil is high (90%) in olein acids and glycerides, both of which bring shine and conditioning agents to frizzed ends while also treating damage from highlighting and colourants. Research has shown hair cuticles have a noticeably smoother surface under microscopic inspection after treating with Camellia oil. A bit of trivia: Did you know Camellia oil has been used for centuries in Japan as a hair smoothing and conditioning oil and is responsible for keeping the enameled brilliance of the geisha and stiffness of the samurai hairstyle?  Being the overzealous huile aficionado, I warmed about 2 tablespoons and worked this through my entire strands without regret. Despite this happy helping, Bohemia Verde did actually wash out with one fully frothy rinse, leaving hair far more lustrous and enriched than if I had used conditioner alone. Because of its slight viscosity, a few drops can tame flyaways or even separate curls. But, the sensory experience does not end here.

Though the oil is voluptuous at its core, a flurry of wild-crafted essences will make you want to drench your roots for at least 30 minutes before rinsing. With impressive clarity and appeal, the watery fresh composition shows us a muted Jasmine augmented with a leafy richness of Rose Geranium to yield a purportedly palpable scent. Not wildly exotic, but intensely earthy enough to make you sniff twice as you try to sort out a crisp turn in the sparking scent. Those flickers of sharp notes are from certified organic, mineral rich Black Pepper essential oil. What a fragrant way to have an oil speak to you! What may be a seemingly insignificant detail to overlook, it’s this very spicy peppering of the floral facets that makes the oil fetchingly divine and persistent. It’s restrained. It’s understated. It’s instantly likable.

That’s the thing about La Bella Figura – the ladies behind the brand bring their accumulated aromatherapy experience upon which their spirit sets in unconsciously. These women are truly interested in how the essential oils relate to one another, bringing us yet another rippling oil.