Kajame Body Oil

Kajame is fantasy crafted into an oil. It’s mostly to impress, and that it does. Named after a star from the night sky above, the brand is the epitome of spirited openness, where only the rarest of all natural oils float unhindered. Made in an obscure French laboratory under the strictest of dermatological control and service comes the Rose Sandalwood Body Oil ($79), a sensuous blend of base and essential oils, which resonate on the level of cosmology bringing a holistic bent to versatility. However exotic the manufacturing may be, the brand is so exclusive, you won’t to even buy this oil in any retail outlets or even their web site, except from the sole US distributor - Bigelow Chemists. And, to support fair trade, Kajame insists on employing local Moroccan artisans from the rambling souks to recreate the gaily-coloured ‘tarbouche’ bottling. High luxury from the Middle East.

From the heart of the oil is everyone’s golden anti-ager, Argan. Supporting the hero huile are Prickly Pear Seed and Apricot Kernel oils with hefty dollops of Aloe Vera and Mango Butter. It’s a core of moisture that seemingly heaves of passionate. Prickly Pear Seed is a rare, elusive oil which is highly expensive due to its time-consuming extractions. Also, Prickly Pear Seed oil contains more than 88% of unsaturated fatty acids with a proportion of approx. 70% of linoleic acid (Omega 6 fatty acid). Highly nourishing, it’s an excellent complement to the Vitamin E rich Argan, but also brings the added tonic effects of tightening skin while treating signs of premature aging. Yes, think fine lining. And, from underneath, Aloe Vera stimulates collagen to strengthen skin.

It’s a surprisingly complex oil, particularly when the spicy facets shine through. Many have said fragrance is a requisite part of the lifestyle in the Middle East. Here, no one leaves home without putting on scented perfumes. An oil is just a perfect accessory to such fragrance harmonizing. Kajame's fiery Rose is keenly balanced with the enigmatic pitch of Sandalwood (just try to sniff out the most miniscule notes of clove), resulting is a spectacularly weaved duet. Sandalwood is always that one essence which brings a touch of mystery to any oil. But, here the dark creaminess lends a tremulous reverie inviting you to feel the scent, not simply smell it. If nostalgia had a scent, this would be close to it.

There is an addictive form of magic with Kajame in part from its dictorial vogue for decadence. The long, relaxing sigh from your revived senses will surely beg for nothing but more. This is poetry in motion.