Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Dry Body Oil

A gal pal in New York loves the hearty Olive. A client in San Francisco adores Tree Tea oil. A fellow colleague in Australia handcrafts hard-to-distill oils to appease any floral whim. Whatever your preference for a scent or sensuality, you can always count on Jo Malone to create some variation of both & yield an unpredictable yet energetic treatment. The Lime Basil & Mandarin Dry Body Oil ($65) is one such oil.

Here the most precious ingredients open the composition of non-classical essences. Skin is enriched with Olive, Kukui Grapeseed, & Macadamia seed oils entwined with the delicate lacings of a crispy lime & herbaceous base notes of basil. Given how weighty these moisturizing oils are, the oil is exceptionally light bodied. Did you know Macadamia nuts are native to Australia, though Hawaii stakes its marketing claim on them? News to me, too.

Macadamia seed oil is widely touted for its highly nourishing and emollient attributes making it the choice for dry, maturing skin. With a smaller molecular structure, it quickly penetrates skin, bringing a inordinate fatty acid composition (high in palmitoleic acid), which very similar to human sebum. The oil actually blends with water to form an aqueous lipid film & protect against those hideously damaging environmental aggressors. And, because the oil contains more palmitoleic acid than its vegetable counterparts, it earns is cult status for having a resistance to rancidity.

Like most dry oils, a gauzy layer is all you need to coat your skin. It's less stylized than some of the more exotic variations, but brings about a sensual deepness with its rare combination of herbaceous essences. A classic pairing of lime spouts upon opening, through the leafy basil is what's left when massaged into skin. A clean and chic scent, not all clashing in composition. There's an abstractness about the feel of this oil - barely a whisper of citrus, but underlined with some warmed mint.

How we wish Jo Malone's domain of body care extended to include more playful oils... this oil is as easily wearable as it is enjoyable.