Farmhouse Fresh Goods Agave Nectar Body Oil

A deceptively easy-seeming urbanity marks the brand, Farmhouse Fresh Goods. From the heart of the Lone Star State, Frisco to be exact, comes a line vegan-happy body care products which areseriously scrumptious enough to eat. And, as the media world agrees, if the big ‘O’ likes it (Oprah), well, then the masses might as well bow down. This time, she was right.

Agave Nectar Body Oil ($16) is a surprisingly fun assortment of 96% all natural essences that you haven’t seen elswhere. Laced within a core of Soybean & Sweet Almond oils are specially blended extracts of Agave, Barley, Sandalwood, and Amurense Bar. Sweet Almond is ideal for all skin types as a protective emollient and is best known for its ability to soften, soothe, and re-condition the skin; Soybean brings you high concentrations of naturally sourced lecitihin, sterolins, and vitamin E to treat fine lining. And, in unison alongside Barley (high in Linoleic acid and plant phytosterols), together they form a non-waxy seal of soothe and moisturize skin, promote replenishment of the skin’s protective barrier and renewal of cell membranes.

For a lightweighted oil that absorbs with ease, the scent manages to pack in that right glimmer of mysticism. It’s a fleeting scent at best – a dense milky, nearly vanillic to start off with. Agave’s tempered sweetness does overshadow the subtle Sandalwood humming from beneath, which yields a buttery warmth, yet barely detectable. Very rushed, if you didn’t know to sniff out any incense strains. It’s precious. It’s hidden. It’s blended with great reckon to assure the star absolute, Agave, is captured in its steely silence. The result is a quiet caramel-esque finish on skin, which isn't at all gourmand, but more like honeyed lashings interspersed throughout the oils.

Which is a surprise coming from land of brash, ballsy rowdies from yore. No, this is a civilized oil crafted for the genteel Southerners with a suitable sentiment.