Diptyque Satin Body Oil

It finally happened. Diptyque’s Satin Body Oil ($58) called upon me. It’s a hard brand to resist – exquisite in its packaging, refined in its compositions, and intelligent in its marketing. Three very things that espouse pure luxury. And, yet again, the oil does not disappoint.

This evanescent huile is very much like an endless melody, floral chords of longing that never resolve. Yes, it sings to skin like no other. Perhaps, it’s Diptyque’s extensive fragrance portfolio, which gives their body treatments that colorful vanguard of excellence or perhaps it’s just our obsession with how feminine structures and French extravaganza meet. Period. Whatever the reason, the addiction continues.

Urucum Oil (an emollient with its high content in carotenoids - six times more than carrot oil) form the beautiful base structure of the treatment with ribbons Sweet Almond, Olive Fruit, Avocado, and Sesame Seed oils running wildly without orchestration. Just one spritz of this seemingly dry oil, and you’ll experience a firsthand love unbridled, immense, chaotic, raised to the level of mania within the confines of its bulbous bottle. So lightweight, you’ll look twice to see where the scattering droplets glisten with glee. Squalane is second to the classic roster of oils, bringing its intense nurturing to parched skins needed a moisture boost.

From deep within the stunning congruence of the carriers is the omnipresent Jasmine, slightly tempered by Ylang Ylang and Saffron oils. Impeccably added, the result is a freshness characterized by clarity of the rounded florals. Saffron gives a deliciously honeyed finish to the silkened oil – part sweet, part flowery, but fully sensual. Not at all leathery as usually seen, but softened by the tenderlings of Ylang Ylang.

It’s an astounding moment to feel the surging rhythm in this oil. The Satin Body Oil is an elaborate synthesis of absolutes and accords. So much so, slather is too dirty of a word for this treatment. No, this oil dances majestically without whim, hitting a high noted crescendo of Jasmine atop.