Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil

Enough of the impassionate renditions of lavender. Classical skin care mavens know to supplement their day/night time regimes with a face oil, but adding an aromatic boost always sweetens the deal. And, seeing a commonplace beauty brand wander into the forays of fragrant essences is always an experience to dread. Will it be devoid of chemicals? Will it be free from mineral oil? Will it even work on dry skin?

Yes to these and Bobbi Brown’s Extra Face Oil ($60). The habitues of mainstream artistry brands adding face oils to their line of basics have been taken up by loyal huile-istas enthusiastically. Bobbi has boasted the pro¬verbial small but devoted following of artists, editors, and beauty addicts, so it’s no surprise her oil has been so popular, yet so hushed that it passes you by like a whisper.

Inventive and irreverent, Extra Face Oil is made with the quiet undercurrents of Olive, Sesame Seed, Sweat Almond, and Jojoba oils entwined within a Vitamin E base. And, while nutty enthusiasts may scoff at the age-old Olive, it’s truly a wonder oil because in addition to its high content of essential fatty acids, it also brings a healthy dose of polyphenols (potent antioxidants).

But, the true charm and ingenuousness of this oil lies in an aromatic play of the conventional essences. Moving away from the usual calmness of Lavender, here, it brings a fun fretfulness paired along with a sprightly Neroli. Normally, this oil would not be easy to like with underpinnings of hints of a semi-leathery Patchouli, but the fluttering Sandalwood softens it’s rustic edge with an indelible creaminess preventing the oil from appearing as a slapdash composition. With a warm, earthy scent, it’s a mildly exoticized palette that appeals to all. The result is a furtive likeness to woodsy spice without the overt muskiness most women would cringe from if found in a face treatment..

The face oil seems to lighten the load of your night cream without betraying its seriousness. When used overnight, the added moisture almost lends weight, much like a moisture mask to your treatment, inspiring skin to break out of any glow-free lull at the moment. Alternatively, try a drop or two to your foundation, which will help give you sheer wash of skin-perfecting colour.