Bite Beauty SPF 15 Sheer Balm

It may have been endearing to slick on some glittered Chapstick when you were 12 and stuck in clunky braces. Since those awkward years, you’ve grown into a full beauty maven, but still face chappy lips. And, balms without colour can bore during the day.

With its generous sweeps of Jojoba, Castor and Argan oils, Bite Beauty’s SPF 15 Sheer Balm ($19) should the choice of moisture du jour. Revamp your lip care with these fatty acid rich oils, which deliver deep, deep lip plumping action powered up by the energy of the antioxidant of the decade - Resveratrol. Each tube holds enough Resveratrol from about 5 glasses of red wine. Research shows it wards off signs of aging from UV damage. And, too often lips are left unprotected during the day, prone to seasonal weathering and lippy lines before your middle age crisis sets upon you.

Of the petroleum-free lot, Castor oil has generous amounts – nearly 90 percent - of fatty acid content, mostly Ricinoleic acid, which nourishes deftly and is only found in Castor bean. Propping up the composition are Shea Butter and Carnauba Wax, adding a binded seal of moisture. And the pigmentation? Sheer, shmeer. No way, as this offers the depth of a medium coverage lipstick created from all-natural, fruit based dyes. Claret, pictured here, is a stunning shade of sueded red, which is on trend for bold lips this fall. Not so striking as to detract during the day, but tonal enough to create a natural drench of colour.

By juxtaposing two radically opposed scent experiences – an organic Mint atop a zesty Blood Orange - the balm is full of bombastic oils gleaming with multi-vitamins-and-common sense. Intelligence and imagination to superb effect, here. And, isn’t that what coming of age brings?