Aromatherapy Associates Enrich Hair Oil

There has been much press recently dedicated to wave of oils rising to prominence in the beauty industry. As such, in the beauty world, as fickle as a flighty gloss, let’s not assume to multi-task our body oils with hair. At first, I was prone to use body oils for the same purpose – to treat a dry something – but, after chatting it up with founders of La Bella Figura Beauty, I’ve changed my dispassionate ways. And, that’s because I've learned about why hugely influential hair oils are specially formulated to wash out with ease, unlike body oils, which are meant to be sopped up by parched skin. Victoria from La Bella Figura saved me from the error of my ways:

"To boost shine you need something fattier, to be more nutritional you need omegas and too heavy an oil (Shea oil, Camelina, etc) will weigh hair down and cause you to look like a greasy freak."

I can now see why some of my Avocado-based treatments did tend to weigh down my limpy locks. Research shows most carrier oils, like Argan, will work wonders on dry ends and frayed splitting hairs. However to boost shine you need those impressively fattier Omega-3 vitamins to bring more nutrition and feed hair follicles to stimulate growth as well as add much needed shine.

Thus, once again, I succumbed the charms of essential oils in an eternal quest for smooth, slick strands. Yes, tresses need motion and without the added weight of crushing chemical fluffery.

You'll never find unpronounceable lab synthetics in a hair oil. To be sure, I turned to my current obsession - the uncompromising sense of minimalism and simplicity behind Aromatherapy Associates. The brand is the perfectionistic absolutism of aromatherapy everything. What they’ve managed to get right is how to blend well…very well… contrasting groups of essences in profoundly scented oils, which persist well above the norm. Their craftsmanship edges on a form of abstract art, as the Vanilla doesn’t smell quite gourmand, but rather as a brooding dusk; the Ylang Ylang doesn’t smell bright, but rather as sensual incense. Enrich Hair Oil is just a judiciously constructed treatment from their line of sensory delights, but meant for hair.

While Coconut, Jojoba, and Argan oils rejuvenate the deadness of lackluster locks, Murumuru Butter brings even higher amounts of fatty acids (Lauric, Myristic & Oleic acids) to help hair recover to its natural moisture content and tenacity. Lauric, specifically, is a fantastic fatty acid for hair for its ability to penetrate the hair shaft and protect against protein loss. The butter also adds a lightweight viscosity to the treatment, which  in actuality, does wash out with one regular rinse. Hair is left glossier after a few treatments with a cheery bounce. While you cover dry hair with the peridot-coloured oil & wait an hour or overnight, a supportive set of essential oils brings a synergistic effect to the carriers. The genteel freshness of Rosemary gives away to crystallized citrus-y Geranium, imparting a brisk lushness of scent. A nice touch considering most hair oils lack dimension sans naturally derived scents. And, Rosemary is a hard essence to get right, as when too much is blended in, a piney undertone ends up overwhelming the senses. Here, the result smells, as precisely as possible, very much like a wispy fragrance. Expect your mood to evolve in the wake of this well-groomed charmer.

You’d think this kind of approach to huilery would be downright commonplace. But, it’s not. It’s decidedly unique to Aromatherapy Associates.