Skin & Bones Luxurious Face & Body Liquid Cleanser

I haven’t used soap since the 90s. No, seriously. I usually don’t shy away from gel cleansers, but have gotten so obsessed with acquiring a buttery smooth shave on the legs, pits & nooks n’ crannies in between, that I actually dropped the slip n’ slide loofah in favour of the good ole fashioned kitchen scrubbing pads. No, seriously. The body oils sink in faster, the legs feel cleaner, & the credit card gets a break from Hilga the Hot Wax Lady. Yes, the heart’s happier and the mojo’s crazier.

As fun as shower gels can be for their spontaneous burst of fruity wafts, I started wondering about using oils to shave? Shaving creams are such a mess & full of more air than product. By the time I squeeze out some foam, it seems to wither away in the hot shower. And, I can’t tell you how many times I seen stubble on the knees, when I swear I gently used the blade over the knobby joints. So, I reached for the Skin & Bones Luxurious Face & Body Liquid Cleanser ($40) to give it a pre-date test run.

Leg hair is more fitful, prone to irritation as is the skin underneath. It’s thanks to cheap razors or poor technique. But, I dropped soap back in my teens because skin kept getting dry with scaly patches after a quick glide. Since shower gels don’t offer up much of a lubricated surface, surely an oil-based cleanser could?

Yes, indeed it does. The upside of using an oil-based cleanser is the surface gets a slick to help the razor slide across with ease. Skin & Bones cleanser is a bright, fizzy cleanser, which uses the carrier, Jojoba, as the main juice. But, the remaining pure essences – Ylang Ylang, Rosewood, Lemon Peel, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Jasmine, & Cedarwood – create such a nuzzle of citrusy warmth, you’ll use just as easily on the face. Conflicting sensory beats will fight over the top note seat. Lemon & Myrrh imbue the oil very much with an uplifting quality, both of which ripen with the sexy Sandalwood. A little oil goes so very far, here.

Moisturize is on point here. Nary a patch left behind nor a nick seen in sight. For sensitive skins, no need to worry about in-grown hairs, as those pesky blunders are caused by lack of exfoliation. Hence, my choice of skin stripping with those green scouring pads. Exfoliating stops the razor from getting clogged with dead skin and blunting it, leading to fewer cuts. No time? The oil has itsy, bitsy Jojoba wax beads to get your scrub-a-dub dub on.

Using Skin & Bones Liquid Cleanser is not too far out of your comfort zone, if you’re a shower gel stock up kinda chick. Skin is left behind seamless & smoother without any errant strands above or below. No, seriously.