Shea Terra Organics Marula Oil

Most oils are classified as carrier or not. These non-carrier types are then categorized as essential or botanical. But, Marula Oil is one I cannot place on either side. Among Africa’s prodigious ingredients, the Marula tree gives us oleic-rich oil, which has been used religiously by long-forgotten, wanderlust tribes of the continent. Another nut, another oil, but what type is it?

Guess this is irrelevant when all we care about is it’s unsurpassed stability & free radical fighting action. Marula oil contains a similar fatty acid composition to Olive oil however it is 10 times more resistant to oxidation. For the purest form, Shea Terra Organics Marula Oil ($18) is arguably the progenitor of the nutty lot.

An oil with a conscience, the Marula Oil is nothing more than 100% virginal oil. No preservatives, no essences, no fragrance. Just a bottle of dark, lush mystery to balance moisture and prevent fine lines from stealing your grace. With it’s medium-bodied viscosity & smooth subtlety, the oil blends nicely over nighttime treatments and leaves no trace of scent behind. You have to sniff deep to make out the faint hearted nutty aroma, which fragrance fans will sneer at.

No contradictions, no fluff, no worries.