Pure Fiji Exotic Bath & Body Oil

The body oils from Pure Fiji ($35.95) are seriously the amuses-bouches of the vanity world. Each fragranced bottled of wholesome goodness is, of course, distinctive in its smaller sized 3 oz. bottle, but big in nutritious value. At first glance, you’ll think it’s another brand rendition of Bath & Body Work stylings, which will undoubtedly go on sale like clockwork: 3 for $15 anyone? Not so. Straight from Suva's fragrant frangipani trees comes a collection of body oils boasting with a rare forms of indulgence – two fatty rich oils – to swathe your skin with.

Fiji is appreciated for its floral, fauna, and comfort. So there’s something transfixing about finding out your body oil was wild-harvested (nuts are extracted from their primeval habitat) about once a year and turned into an intoxicating treatment for hair, nails, and the body. Inbued deep within the usual suspects Virgin Coconut & Macadamia Nut oils are the exclusively native Sikeci & Dilo oils. The former is a proven protective barrier for oil, locking in moisture for easily dehydrated skins; the latter is native to Fiji & contains a unique essential fatty acid (Calophyllic acid), which stimulates skin to heal and reduces the visibility of scars. When combined with the Macadamia Nut oil (which has the highest amount of Palmitoleic acid than any other plant oil), you’ve got one supercharged oil to moisturize. And, Fijians would know a thing or two about parched skin from the robust sun above the lush speck of an island.

Keeping in tradition with Fiji's crossroads of cultural strands, the candyland of confectionary scented, gorgeously velvety oils will keep you coming back for more. We expect the horrid howls over suggesting “Coconut oil from an island?!” Alas, to stay original...our choice is the Starfruit oil, an uncomplicated medley of shimmering tropical notes and sweet apple to uplift. It’s a tantalizing posy of flowers, unrelenting in lushness, and not all all plastick-y like those mall cart versions you may be tempted to throw a couple bucks at. Immersed within a medium bodied viscous base, be sure to blend down deep.

Rum drinks shouldn't be the only thing draped in flowers. Pure Fiji brings us an enchanting cornucopia of oils to play with because they’re simply so much fun. Whatever your floral whim of the week, your choice of huile is sure to communicate a sense of near island tranquility & calmness for those deliberately out-of-the-way memories left afar...