Plush Skin Soho Chic Body Elixir

There is a longstanding trend in the organics world that has seen many the launch of many lavish brands for the well-heeled. From obscurity to originality, the inspiration for these niche artists usually begins with a slew of ‘passed-down’ remedies, which now take form through some modern alchemy using strictly fringe botanicals to preserve these time-honoured skincare secrets. The genesis is usually credited to some granny figure, who was really 80, but looked 60, but enjoyed the skin of someone who was 40. How they did it was always beyond the explanation of Pond’s Cream.

Keeping with tradition, Erica Marie Wigley took such lessons from Grandma Pepita’s obsessive blending of essentials, added her own 15 years of pharma understanding, and founded Plush Skin to pay homage to the very organic city, which serves as her inspiration – New York. Soho Chic Body Oil Elixir ($42) is an infectious body oil so giddy with allure, you’ll wonder if the 100% natural, peridot coloured oil isn't fragranced from within. It's not.

Lavender and Rosewood absolutes make up the exceptionally crafted oil - something unusually seen, but hypnotizing as Erica fashions these essences into a deep core of Olive, Grapeseed, Avocado, Argan, Fractionated Coconut and Meadowfoam oils. What a doozy of vitamins from the collective – A, B, C, D, E, E, and even more E. Of the roster, Meadowfoam oil forms a moisture barrier and will assist the skin with preventing moisture loss. Brimming with an inordinately high amount of fatty acids, the oil is surprisingly lightweight and absorbs without any wait.

The eclectic scent seems to have a personality all of its own. Much like it's namesake, the scent is unpretentious, mysterious, but somewhat fragile and susceptible to being misconstrued. You're welcomed with voluptuous blend of citrus notes largely dominated by the fascinating accord of Rosewood, known to stimulate new cell growth and regenerate tissues. Sniff deeper and you’ll make out the meditative lavender. The result is an aromatic freshness, which expressively persists for quite some time. It’s always a wondrous treat to see the simplicity of lavender reinvented time n’ time again by the genius of composition. Perfect for those who want love the comforts of the herby wonder, but wish to add an indescribable dash of spectacularness to their favourite oil. The Body Oil Elixir will help you dare to bare without risking it all…