Persephenie Organic Body Balm

If there was an unreputed mistress of unconventional essences, Persephenie would make our top ten list. It’s almost as though the word 'restriction' doesn’t enter her expansive annals of essences. Her line of body care basics is an unpredictable, fantasyland of aromatherapeutic art that aims to amp up the simplest of oils with her witty trompe-l'oeil imagery. The Organic Body Balm ($34) is just another example of the vivid clash between Camellia oil and Pomegranate Seed extracts.

Unfettered creaminess is the first, and quite frankly, the only thing that comes to mind. The undeniably beautiful creation uses Jojoba Oil as the main source of moisture, while Camellia oil brings nature’s high concentration of oleic acid (a plump fatty acid). And, not only do you get intense moisturization, but also mild exfoliating action. Pomegranate Seed extracts will promote skin regeneration, stimulate self-repair mechanisms, improve skin elasticity, and reduce wrinkles with regular use.

Persephenie’s secret, I’d say, lies in her clever juxtaposition of muted lime and smooth Madagascar vanilla. It’s a tasteful understatement of absolutes for those of you tired of the rose and lavender laced balms. Hers flourishes impressively with an earthy warmth brought on by lacings of ginger and Indian mimosa.

Charming in its simplicity.