Osea Undari Algae Oil

For the most part, algae is one of Mother Nature’s sludgy gifts that frightens me. We’ve all come to appreciate is unassuming form & gift for all their wonderful vital oligo-elements – often found in body wraps, face masks, and skin tightening creams serums – all of which increase superficial hydration. But, despite it’s murky looks & slimy texture, marine life’s ancient & innate wisdom is being touted as the next wonder ingredient, with sci-fi beauty brands packaging up precious weeds for sale at Sephora.

And so, an oil for face & body must not be far off? Well, Osea Malibu caught onto this emerging trend before it hit the massed and create the Undaria Algae Oil ($36). Here the star source, Undaria Algae, isn’t extracted from a fashionable part of the ocean or chemically secretive lab. The 100% certified organic weed is hand-harvested off the coast of Patagonia, and is macerated in wine barrels for 3 months with Undaria Algae Oil at the company’s namesake seaweed farm on the southernmost tip of Argentina. Undaria Algae is a richly brimming with sea minerals, A, B, C, E vitamins, powerful omega fatty acids, all designed to work in synergy to combat environmental aggressors and premature signs of freckling and lining.

It’s a curiously deep, unpretentious, mysterious oil. While nourishing Sunflower Seed oil coddles the healing Undaria Algae extract, the perky Lime, Grapefruit, and Cypress absolutes charge up the huile to bring a visceral zest to the treatment. If an oil could be juicy and quenching, this would be it. Very light-body in viscosity, Undaria Algae Oil is uncharacteristically bright, transparent in texture and flourishes with a slapdash warmth of Passionfruit, so you’re not left with a grassy zing. The rapturous cloud of citrus is very irresistible, even if you’re somewhat shy of citrus- based oils.

Osea does a marvelous job with this well-edited & diligently curated oil. Seemingly simple in composition, it’s a lush & vibrant oil that is juxtaposed carefully with lesser seen oils such as Rice Bran, Flax, and Babbasu Seed, a fabulous trimumvirate of fastly penetrating oils.

Finally, time to forgo my fear of the unknown and make friends with some pond scum…the good kind.