Osea Essential Hydrating Oil

The story of Lavender largely makes up the therapeutic fabric of aromatherapy. It’s often characterized as an essence with an agreeable temperament but prone to exaggeration. The herbaceous marvel blends well with mostly everything, and is used more often in body than face treatments. But, it's a rare right to see the eye opening Lavender blended with winks of Calendula, Geranium, and Roman Chamomile, you’ll spiral through a whole new sensory journey much like a gentle oceanic breeze. Thank Osea Malibu for such an inventive elixir – the Essential Hydrating Oil ($28) with its certified 100% organic oils.

The delicate oil is a full force of lavender, but what makes the experience different is the rollerball bottle. It’s the first time we’ve seen an oil packaged as such, but now appreciate the functionality we never thought we needed in the first place. Easy enough to stroke under the eyes or over lips, the oil boasts an fully saturated Lavender lending the treatment a sense of stillness that calls to the soul a wondrous cooling effect. Only the purest of brisk oils (30% in concentration include Tea Tree & Rosemary) complete the arrangement with Jojoba & Macadamia Seed carriers.

Roman Chamomile is preferred to subdue sun-induced inflammations and takes away spotty patches of dry skin. Calendula consists of flavonoids, nutritious plant-based antioxidants that protect body against those pesky free radicals. Under the eyes, the oil sinks in instantly allowing you to apply concealer without fear of any dreading creasing. With its faint marine green tinge, the Hydrating Oil is very much about serenity. See, Osea’s secret lies in a single-noted wisps of Lavender, likely harvested by hand from some moon-dust-covered garden tucked away under the boo’s starry nights.

It’s this vivacious burst that imparts a palpable diaphanous veil of silk, which even brings a slight shine should you wish to wear it as a gloss. Very light-bodied in texture, the scent does resist fading. I’d almost think it’s actually plumping the lips from some frenetic stimulation, unless my cynical imagination is running amok. Again.

The composition is stirring because of its intensity, which easily awakens skin from any lull it’s experiencing from summertime weathering. A discreet treatment seemingly from some other era.