The Organic Pharmacy Rose & Jasmine Body Oil

To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat. So, it has been said. At first glance, The Organic Pharmacy’s line of body oils seem like a radical departure from their trademark luxe-with-an-apothecary feel. The essences are rich, the oils are deft, and the packaging is high minimalism. This oil could arguably be an example a radical disparity between creative nature that blossoms and the grueling organic sourcing it took to get there. As such, the Rose & Jasmine Body Oil ($57.95) is precisely emblematic of the finest luxury can buy. And, that’s because no other bonafide brand makes such a combination. Isn’t that what true luxury is – having what no one else has?

It took more than a quick email to reserve a bottle of this rarity. So atypical is this find, it might as well be labeled as ‘limited edition.’ In fact, by emphasizing simplicity while avoiding puffery, The Organic Pharmacy has been true to their fundamental organic principles and produced a treatment for hair, face, and body that harmonizes successfully with just about any beauty wares you use.

Here the pendulum swings between the classical and the romantic. The eternally playful Rose and budding blooms of Jasmine are so perfectly balanced in this oil, you could spend hours debating the merits of which floral steals the spotlight. Neither one does as the entwinement of these essences is smooth, sophisticated, and ethereal. Because The Organic Pharmacy doesn’t employ any synthetic fragrances, the two absolutes - fully natural in their character - yield such a rich, enjoyable persistence the you'll actually wonder why the scent isn't bottled as a fragrance on its own.

The Rose & Jasmine dovetail neatly with Marigold, and Carrot extracts, both of which condition dry skin. The scent speaks to you, but it’s the oil that treats skin with respect. Rosehip – high in its Retinoic Acid content to help with revitalizing dull skin – is reconstituted in Sunflower Seed & Jojoba oils. Upon application, you’ll immediately revivify the senses and bring about an ineffable sense of well being.

Rose enthusiasts or Jasmine ones no longer have to choose either as one oil can indeed feed the soul of two fancies. I’ve often pondered what it’d be like to create my own namesake oil someday (hint, hint huile houses)...and, since luxury rarely comes knocking at your door, I'll take this is an oil, since it's pretty close to what I’d envision.