The Organic Pharmacy Neroli Body Oil

“If it’s organic, it should be all natural and unadulterated. Which means cheaper! Well, supposedly…”

“Isn’t luxury defined by having what no one else?”

Organic? Luxury? Can they both co-exist? There is much nashing of teeth in the blogosphere about whether a product can truly be qualified as both.

And, so leads the clever labeling by brands – big & small – to qualify the multitude of your beauty vices. But, one such brand makes no blatant claims to entice one shopper or the other. The Organic Pharmacy refuses to get in your face with overhyped, glitzy promises. But, quietly the brand fills the paradox of desiring a rare but modern alchemy and helps feed the incessant demand for something new. Organically new.

The Organic Pharmacy is a global powerhouse everywhere but here in the US. It wants to change that. And, it’s going to. See, today it stands at the shanky crossroads of where purely organic does indeed meet affordable luxury. But, you just didn’t know it 'til now. So, start with the Neroli Body Oil ($57.95), as it’s one such product all about comfort and all about allure. Fine luxury brands are, by definition, leaders of the masses. Let’s note how plenty of celebs are enthralled with a vanguard of Organic Pharmacy's homeopathic treatments  – Demi, Madonna, Reese are just a few organic fans that have driven the surge in the brand’s popularity. And, the oil is one for the fashionably inspired set.

Neroli Body Oil is almost like an enthusiastic chronicle of what it’d be like to jettison to some obscure French jardin, handpick your favourite flowers, extract those precious essences, and entangle nature’s anti-agers into the moisturizing core of Jojoba oil. No animal testing, no artificial colours, no articial fragrances, nothing fake about it. The Neroli Body Oil injects some much-needed romance into the tired banalities of body treatments. The burst of orange blossom greets you happily upon opening, but also promises to help treat pesky lines & stretch marks.

A trio of 100% natural absolutes is what set this Neroli Body Oil apart – St. John’s Wort, Rosehip and Marigold essential oils are delicately blended to treat dry skin immediately. Marigold is the never seen before newbie. It’s appreciated for regenerating skin cells. Together, it’s a spirited composition – both chaste and seductive in one breath -- where Neroli hits the high notes. Scentwise, it’s akin to dressing monochromatically. What a titillating Neroli this is! Much like a faceted gemstone, the Neroli brings a radiant sense of aromatic brightness. Orange blossom lovers will rejoice as sneak peeks of green become apparently vivid when the light bodied oil is used unapologetically. Not a citrus-y burst, mind you, but more of a spiced up summery Neroli balanced well in the Jojoba oil.

The oil is nearly perfect. Very much like that particular type of luxury for when you want…what no one else has. Short-list this high-end staple now.