Leonor Grenyl Huile de Magnolia

Literally speaking, the oil is from 15 rue Tronchet. But, it was back in Paris of 1968 when this address, home to Leonor Grenyl, translated her spangles of organic oils into what became a truly bonafide all-natural line of beaute long before it was hip to be stylishly socially conscious. Let’s just say, she was socially precocious for knowing how vegetal oils and plant extracts can soothe temperamental skin without added chemicals or fillers.

The Huile de Magnolia ($49) is an austere mix of Jojoba, Sunflower and Carrot Oils set against the florid backdrop of the grand Magnolia flower. The scent is dynamic yet predictable, but the treatment is also tailored to waxed up skins. Being a lover of all things French, I went fishing for proprietary secrets, though my motivations are more obvious than commercial.

See, there was a time when women weren’t so follicularly challenged and simply plucked away their unsightly strays. Whatever today’s varieties - tweezing, waxing, Nair-ing, threading, electrolyzing, bleaching, or even sugaring - treating up top on the brows or down below in your nether regions will almost guarantee to leave behind some redness, soreness, and/or ugliness post-treatment.

Sensitive skin needs the gentlest of care. When chemical ingredients prove too irritating for those with sensitive skins…or for those looking to ramp up their hair removal…or even for those left with minor nicks & cuts, Huile de Magnolia is a rescue remedy for all of the above. It’s billed as a body oil, but after using it on a set of post-threaded brows, skin instantly feels calmer, and lacks the usual itchiness that follows.

Massive waves of sweetened Magnolia give a welcomed dimension to carriers. The dominance of sweetness that comprises the whole scent brings a certain Parisian refinement to a classic face oil. For those of you who longing to sop up a tantalizing white floral, you’ll come to enjoy the part lemony/part vanilla accords that blossom upon opening. Magnolia is beautiful not for it's girly presence, but for its voluptuous silkiness warmed by your skin. But, I wanted to know more. What’s in this particular blend that eased the glowing red lashes around my brows, which were usually covered with specks of baby powder? Are there other nutritionally surreptitious ingredients hidden within that worked their magic here?

Turns out, the answer is yes. And, that’s all you’ll get…because straight from France’s headquarters, that’s all I got. Leonor Greyl said the treatment does include a proprietary blend of additional essences, which explains why skin was consoled with a few droplets of this golden goodness. But more impressively, guarding the blend makes it possible to protect the product’s pedigree and dissuade cheap drugstore knock-offs. The reticent response just adds to the mystique of the brand, which means I like it even more so.

Leonor Greyl’s transformation of straight-laced oils, embodying the can-do spirit of the age reminds us again, why it matters what oils you wear.