Kneipp Jasmine & Argan Body Oil

A brand like Kneipp, whose philosophy is founded on scientifically proven efficacy of naturopathic ingredients, may just have broken the monothematic collective of unscented African oils. We’ve seen many incarnations of the mainstay populars – Jojoboa, Sunflower, Macadamia – and their floral flourishes. But, to date, not one singular Argan oil has been known to inspire an olfactory spark, unlike the deep & lush oil from Molton Brown or sparking & effervescent one from Marina Featherstone.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered Kneipp Jasmine & Argan Body Oil ($18.50) tucked away in an unchartered corner of the world wide web. A scented Argan finally to appease your fragrance whims? I often flit between my finely tuned penchant for white florals & rarely seen Datura & Mimosa cravings. But, Argan is usually the preferred choice of huile for its Vitamin E enormity and silken glide. The oil never sits atop skin obnoxiously as if to protest against any other star power essences present. No, it goes in to works its magic on spot.

An oil is always about the way you feel and the way you live life. Kneipp’s Argan incarnate is indicative of just that choice. Though not wholly Argan (Sunflower, Jojoba, and Sweet Almond emollients are in higher concentrations), the treatment does boast an equal measure of Jasminum Grandiflorum alongside the nutty extract. While Bergamot, Vanilla, and Cedrus essences simultaneously add a sweetened slant to the Jasmine, almost masking its floral burst, a slight flash of pepper peeks through. It’s this newcomer that led my suspicion - Gurjum Balsam Oil. The oil has been constructed nicely as the sensual Jasmine warms up gorgeously on the skin, maintaining the comforting character of Argan.

This is an appealing feel-good oil as diehard Argan addicts will surely embrace a touchable scent for a bit of the unexpected to enliven the usually even-keeled Argan.