Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Coming across a Kiehl’s oil, the result of spectacular sourcing and mixmastering, is always an arresting pleasure. Much like entering an apothecary and getting an oil that was specially custom blended just for you. How they manage to make ordinary treatments so personal is something unique in itself. Keeping in this fashion, the Midnight Recovery Concentrate ($43) is a sinuous and delicate serum that proves its mettle against chemically laden alternatives

Kiehl’s selects botanicals that are both mysterious & friendly. While Coconut Oil is the soft edged carrier, the rest of the roster is comprised of essences to treat premature signs of aging – Rose Fruit, Evening Primrose, Lavender, Rosemary Leaf, Geranium and even Jasmine oils. Cucumber Fruit extracts make a special appearance for its excellent ability to revitalize dull skin by tightening and sloughing it. Second up top is Squalene. It’s rare to see this in face oils, but very much needed. (Rumour had it, the lipid was sourced from shark livers, but Kiehl's says they get theirs from Olive Oil, overflowing with the molecule). Squalene is a major lipid in human skin but declines from about 15% of fat in the skin to 5% by age 55. And, plumping action is what’s desired to keep the wrinkling at bay, particularly under the eye area.

No need to further gush on about Kiehl’s quality of aroma-chemicals; what makes this treatment wholly different is the overtures of Lavender. Kiehl’s rarely imbues their face products with synthetic anything. Here the Lavender has a dizzying relaxative effect, but see if you can spot out the bursts of Rose as you massage in the oil. It's a multifaceted gem of sparking absolutes, as all come together in unison with their drenching effulgences of vitamins to treat skin handsomely. Medium-bodied in texture, which is why they likely suggest to use at night, so do blend well.

An extraordinarily well-crafted interpretation of nature’s finest essences with a bonus -  a medicinal dropper to keep the serum pristine.