Kahina Beauty Argan Oil

Katherine L'Heureux’s oils are something to be treasured. If not for Kahina Beauty’s stunning bottles engraved with namesake doodles of newly-literate signatures from the underprivileged Moroccan women who handpress these very handpicked Argan nuts for bottling, then for Katherine’s compassion for the ancient art of craftsmanship, deserving of the industry’s enthusiastic reviews her brand has received thus far. If you haven't followed the brazen thievery over our misbegotten bottle, a certain shall-be-unnamed GI specialist/best guy friend of ours actually stole our bottle to maintain his longer locks. We simply stole it right back, albeit weeks later.

What more can be said about Kahina Beauty Argan Oil ($82). Not much. Except that every huile aficionado should have made her way through a bottle by now. The grand dame of the Argan movement, Kahina Beauty has singlehandedly spearheaded the desire for all things Argan, reminding organo-fans and cosmopolitan beauty hunters what fine oils are truly about. And, what a spectacular rise of Argan it has been.

The oil crackles with exoticism. It’s created from 100% Argan oil and nothing more. But, what Kahina does right is to leave the oil is its purest form without compromising the unique and timeless charm of the elixir. Fragrance naysayers will appreciate the lack of scent added, though at close whiff, seasoned noses will recognize the oil’s distinct nutty flavour, which brings an earthy flair to the treatment It’s a light-bodied oil, which works well as an intense replenisher for split ends. But, full enough to use overnight with night creams, in lieu of serums, as it sinks in nicely and helps alleviate dehydrated patches and lines. Aside from the sleek black bottle, Ms. L'Heureux also generously offered additional tips on preserving your Argan oil:

The most important thing for maintaining Argan oil's stability is to keep it away from water. Air isn't bad necessarily, as the oil's stability is enhanced by proper packaging- dark glass. But, keep argan oil away from extreme heat & light. No need to refrigerate it.

With an exorbitant amount of essential fatty acids & Vitamin E (3x times as much as Olive oil), Kahina’s Argan Oil proves once again how innovation and intelligence proudly triumph over the norms. Sometimes, the dreariest of dusty medinas can surprise you with their rustic glam. And, for those of you left wondering how could you deepen your oil’s effort? Kahina's rose-based toning mist helps your beauty oils work even better. Too refined to ignore and too beautiful to abide analysis, the Argan Oil seeds envy at the heart of many skin care mavens.