Fredéric Malle Lys Mediterranee Bath & Body Oil

Fredéric Malle has done it right. Not with his usual gamut of truly fascinating fragrances. But, with the Lys Mediterranee Bath and Body Oil ($115). It's an oil that seems to be amused with irony.

This is no garish set of essential oils, rather, they are as graceful and timeless as the city of Mallorca itself. With Macadamia Nut oil's high concentration of palmitic acid to help maintain good epidermal moisture levels, 3 eclectic essences ramp up the oil to a whole new level of decadence:
  • Warm, woodsy Ginger Lily, known for its tranquilizing effect
  • Sweetened Angelica Root widely appreciated to improve dull & congested skin
  • Crystalline Water Lily for adding a majestic freshness to skin
I’ve also been on the fence with products that label themselves as bath AND body oils, as it should truly be one or the other. I'm unapologetically obsessive when I say anything used in the rush of a shower cannot provide any fruitful benefit. So, I used Lys Mediterranee strictly as a body oil. There is a bright intensity to this oil, mildly effervescent perhaps, that makes it extremely pleasurable with a touch of lily on the skin that fulfills a vibrant expression of its floral being. Velvety fine in texture, the medium bodied texture melds seamlessly into the body leaving behind an unremittingly crisp veil of a white flowers. Yes, the scent is fleeting, but probably meant to be layered with its namesake fragrance. Word at Barneys is the oil may be on its way out, which means good things for eCommerce bargain bin hunters as prices will drop soon enough.

It's high fashion as a huile; deliciously pure and extreme for when you want something distinctively original in form. The sheer perfection of absolutes make this a marvel.