Bali James Regenerative Facial Treatment Oil

Shea Butter. Great in principle as the choice for soothing in balms. It’s even got its own research institute for determining grade levels & effficacy. Can you think of any other oil that has so proudly come of age? Somewhat ironic as Shea seems to have fallen out of vogue with the rise of newly cracked kernels such as Argan & Kendi.

It’s a rare face oil that considers the robust Shea Nut Butter as its main ingredient with brilliantly gratuitous amounts of Vitamins A, E, and F. To bring lackluster skin back to life, Bali James (the high priestess of huilery) decants Sunflower Seed oil to complement the Shea in its oil form to formulate a fanciful elixir - Facial Treatment Oil ($70). It’s the first of its kind.

Understanding the fine nuances of a superb a face oil has been on my long to-do list for quite some time. But, this transparent, beguiling bottleful of ethereal essences may just close out that project. The oil is a dance of absolutes in constant flux. Pomegranate & Rosehip Seed extracts are uplifted by the Schisandra fruit extracts, which work in unison to regenerate skin by increasing cell turnover and revealing a freshness from beneath. And, to satiate the senses, an opulent array of Neroli, Rose, and Roman Chamomile Flower Oils soften the piquant Sandalwood to create an appealing composition of scent. It’s the riveting Chamomile that strikes a chord, which contains nearly 80% esters, an amount rarely found in essential oils. According to Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt in Advanced Aromatherapy, "Even in very small concentrations, whether alone or in combinations with other oils, Roman Chamomile has a soothing effect.”

The wax-free oil (it's more like an organic serum) sinks in with an extraordinary finesse. Even when used against freshly waxed skin, a sublime slip of the medium-bodied oil protects the treated patches of skin and encourages them to heal overnight. An extravagant cornucopia of florals, which sensitive skins or even balanced ones shouldn’t shy away from. When I’m in a balmy mood, desperate to drown out skin’s emerging crow’s feet on my actual feet, Shea is it for me.

But, this Shea incarnation offers fresh proof that Bali is an artisan with intuitive talent & is able to coax a worldful of spirituous therapy out of a simple nut.