Votre Vu Amour D’ Ore (Golden Love)

Even if you’re not an organic fiend and your vegetarian phase is a thing of the past, you’ll probably still get that giddy feeling upon first whiff of a dry oil. The allure of a fresh new oil and its delicate citrusy composition has us almost forgetting about our obsession with ubiquitous white flowers. Votre Vu Amour D’ Ore Multi-Vitamin Oil for Face, Body and Hair ($49) is this big shouldered, thoroughly seductive oil in a sleek, innocuous bottle.

It's French
When have the French ever done anything wrong? From the start, it’s the first oil that wouldn’t even register a viscosity, as the elixir has a kind of vivacious energy that extends the cornucopia of its textures. While not billed as a dry oil, Amour D’ Ore opens as an ultrafine mist – perfect for those who prefer fluid oils without the weight chemical fillers in body lotions. The beauty of the French is their ability to bring that gossamer touch to just about any beauty product. It's almot like their fetish. And, here, too, they succeed.

Its Roster
The first rush of the fleeting citrus notes scatter onto skin and absorb within seconds if you help them along nicely. And, then there’s the chaotic blend of Corn, Grapeseed, Apricot, Sweet Almond, Carrot, Jojoba, Wheat Germ, and Olive Fruit oils – all of which bring a pure, unadulterated dose of vitamins to sink in fast and leave skin smoother, brighter and firmer. Spray the oil to split ends to vibrancy and shine to your hair. The finish comes from the Grapeseed oil, brimming with linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid vital for the skin and the cell membranes. It has regenerative and restructuring qualities, but when coupled with the remaining moisturizers, Grapeseed brings out the intellect of play. In support, Wheat Germ oil has a high vitamin E content, which helps promote the formation of new cells and help repair sun damage. And, the oil is not done yet. Nestled deep within the melange of oils are two regarded ingredients: Beta-Carotene and Retinyl Palmitate – both which work synergistically to provide maximum protection from free radicals and increase skin turnover for those of you wanting to erase every sun-induced fault in sight. Or, at least try to...

It Matters
The treatment is one that eschews the conventions of aromatherapy with its French finesse and dazzling purity. Votre Vu brings a snapshot of France - chic yet with a lyrical modernity, attuned to the texture of an essence, not just its blossom.