VMV Hypoallergenics Know It Oil

Call it a singular sensation. This oil is free from everything. No, we really mean everything. No sulfates, no parabens, no fragrance, no synthetics, no essences, no absolutes, no nothing. It’s an oil for you, purists, who seek a sole aesthetic devoid of any fluff or folly. It’s so ungodly pure, as here again, it's graced with USDA stamp of approval granted to those select few products containing 100% organic ingredients. Ingredients? Allow me to correct the plurality here, as VMV Hypoallergenics Know It Oil ($26) doesn’t have anything other than USDA-certified organic virgin coconut oil. Yes, that’s the sole ingredient. Classically, viable coconut.

And, not your suntan-ish, bargain bin basket drugstore variety. We’re talking about a clinically tested, scientific grade sueded coconut oil, so sumptuous, so velvety, so pure that it’s actually good enough to eat…should you want to. The all-encompassing oil doesn’t have to prove any creative independence among the exotic counterparts. Coconut oil has long been described as a miracle cure among oils. Science says extra virgin coconut oil brings a trio of flush fatty acids (Lauric, Caprylic, & Capric) that not only nourishes the skin’s surface and sub dermis layers, but also has antiseptic qualities that helps the skin heal itself. And, you can appreciate the longest shelf life of any natural oil.

The first thing you notice is how the pent up semi-milky oil opens with an unbridled ray of sultry sweetness. It’s almost as if the exotic coconuts were cracked open right before your shipment. It's that fresh. And, the texture will surprise you. The delicate viscosity doesn’t hinge upon your expectation of blending down a dense oil. It’s a lighter bodied oil gentle enough to use over hair, but deft enough to slather for deeper moisture.

The oil is innovative without being gimmicky. And, it’s a treatment not just for someone who has already foreseen and experienced every conceivable combination of essentials & botanicals, but for an experimenter, who is restlessly working her way through all the possibilities of traditional body oils and wants that irreversible break from traditional absolutes. Know It Oil is in itself an essence of simplicity, elegance, and mystery. Call it the great white hope of oils.