Patyka Absolis Precious Woods Body Oil

Patyka has been awfully quiet. They’ve kept their sensationally sublime treatments away from us for far too long. And, in a similar silence, they’ve returned from a self-imposed exeunt.

I’ve always endeared Patyka since I discovered the brand during a speedy 4-day jaunt through the trendy Marais quarters of Paris. The rogue independent has demonstrated time & time again how to re-imagine and re-think organic luxury with a precision for selecting the finest essences and absolutes (fair trade coops from Iran to Madagascar). The Absolis Precious Woods Body Oil ($65) is a testament to this time-honoured French pedigree.

Yes, it's true this oil is much more renowned for great ingredients than for its scarcity. You’re smitten immediately by the origami-like packaging, as you actually unfold the box to get to the amber elixir. The oil’s demure, minimalist style is in part from 59% of the ingredients sourced from organic agriculture – Sesame Seed, Sunflower, Olive Fruit and Ylang Ylang Flower oils. This is a full and very juicy oil with loads of toasty tonka bean and intense vetiver. The result is unquestionably a formidable pungent, woody character. Behind its brilliant gleam is a cocktail of 100% additional all-natural ingredients, which work synergistically to help with skin turnover. This is driven by the forceful Ylang Ylang absolute, which is also known for its stimulating effect on the scalp to help promote more luxurious hair growth.

Along with balance, scent is important. The complicity between the tender vetiver and vanillic tonka bean leaves a lingering desire for more. It’s not heavy. This waft is sheer. Green, maybe. It’s here you see Patyka’s craftsmanship combine elements of power and elegance, achieving a level rarely seen in an oil.

Luxury insiders, huile enthusiasts in particular, have already discovered Patyka’s re-entry onto the beauty scene. Have you seen the revamped site? I could spend hours watching the delicate folds of the interconnected flash-based leaves float by as I recall the sunny bliss from my terrace in the Fifth Arrondissement from once upon a time. It’s this sense of magical serenity that Patyka brings to your senses both online and off.