Nuxe Body Contouring Oil

How do you get a cackle of normal chicks to admit they got cellulite when you’re in the beauty business? That’s the first dilemma facing a beauty blogger. Skinny people get it. Older women get it. Heck, Gwyneth Paltrow has it. Even I, weighing in at 112 lbs. (don't hate...), will attest to the fact this simple, unappreciated force of nature – bulgy, bits happen to all of us. Much like true love, it appears without any cause, rhyme, reason, or notice. And, the second problem? Can you convince them an oil can, in fact, really help?

Before I sat down to review the oil of choice – Nuxe Body Contouring Oil ($37) – I wondered about my own contours on the rump & hump. Would I…could I commit a 30-day challenge to test out the effects of oil on the ruffled dimplings of my derriere?

“Well, the readers won’t want to see the day-to-day snapshots of your bare booty. I can promise you that.” K said.

Point taken. And, you’re welcome. So, I turned to a professional. Audra James, a 20-year veteran of massage and aromatherapy, who shared her…pardon the pun…hands-on experience with cellulite:

“When you use a natural body oil that contains essential oils (such as juniper, cypress, lemon, grapefruit) with daily dry body brushing and lymphatic hand massages over those rebellious regions on legs and hips, the oil will help improve circulation so you can help disperse trapped fluids or fatty deposits. But, remember lifestyle changes are always helpful - drinking lots of water will help prevent the accumulation of cellulite, keeping you firm & tone all year around.”

Thank goodness she put to rest those rumours about running rolling pins over my stomach. Next, I turned to science. No…not to scour the med journals for data on buttock elasticity. But, to see what science says about the lards of your inner beauty.

The Blubbery Basics
Cellulite is one of the harder types of fats to dissolve in the body. And, there are 2 aggravating types to deal with:
  • Embedded cellulite: which is generally localized excess of fat not linked to circulatory problems. It’s visible when you pinch the skin.
  • Infiltrated cellulite: which is linked to water retention and mainly situated on legs, hips, abdomen, ankles, & tends to swell. It’s often accompanied by sensations of tired, “heavy” legs.
Vanity aside, you should also be aware that toxins and petrochemicals (pesticides, herbicides, metallics) tend to accumulate in fatty tissue. These can contribute to hormonal imbalances, neurological problems, and possibly higher risk of cancer. Time to get serious...

The Treatment
Nuxe Body Contouring Oil (99% of natural origin) is a juicy cocktail of clump busting oils to help with reducing the appearance of lumpy, bumpy skin. A closely knit blend of Sesame Seed, Macadamia and Hazel oils offer a vivid structure; the invigorating additions of Cedar, Cedrol, Grapefruit, Spearmint and Everlasting Flower distilled essential oils lend a tangy scent to the sprightliness of this oil. Of the lot, Cedar oil has been used for thousands of years to de-stress muscles and improve circulatory congestion. The oil is so airy in texture, it almost qualifies as a dry oil. It dries super fast, so be quick about the rubdown.

A fun tip – mix in the Fondant Body Scrub to create a thick soft paste that will allow for a smoother & deeper glide across your body. Start off with vigorous circular motions, switch up to long kneading strides, and end with deep sweeps onto skin to promote the release and elimination of fats.

Proof Positive
To spare our readers of my Photoshop-free experiment, I went straight to the source for evidentiary support. And, Nuxe gladly obliged with their scientific studies. In a clinical evaluation (conducted under strict dermatological supervision) of 31 women over 56 days (where they pledged to apply the oil twice a day), 33% of the ladies saw a reduction of 0.6 inches (-1.5 cm). In a similar test with 39 other women, 100% of these participants saw an increase in smoother skin. Contour me, happy!

The Word
Clearly the idea behind breaking down cellulite is smart, worthwhile and rational. Whatever your cottage-cheesy affliction, the war against cellulite shouldn’t stop at summer’s eve. Religious use of the Nuxe Contouring Oil throughout the hibernating fall and wintery seasons will ensure the overdose of fatty foods won’t stick to your stomach & hips and keep you primed in time for spring. The bottom line - there is no cure for preventing it. But, daily time dedicated to this regime is truly the long-term solution to reducing its unsightly appearance. The body oil is also a great value for when a quick fix-me-up spa trip is out of the question likely due to the frugal times we enjoy today.

When is an oil not just an oil? When it's a beauty breakout product backed by real results for real women. Girls, get your rub-a-dub dub on...