La Bella Figura Découverte Under Eye Repair Serum

The chaos of late night action. The wine-filled nights. Those soul bearing gazes. The lingering lips at the door. What do they bring? Those glaring 'panda bear' dreadful dark circles if you've done it right. Most women confess they’d rather spend their bucks on a treatment than cakey concealers, which only accentuate your embarrassing bout with beauty. We've all been there - within minutes, you hate seeing the crepy concealer seep into your skin making you look old, tired and even unhealthy.

La Bella Figura’s Découverte Under Eye Repair Serum ($115) is an overnight fix-it-all. The founders, Karen & Victoria, drew inspiration from hard-edged, industrially luxe European organic oils, which usually usher in American copycats about a year later. For devotees of Argan, the all mighty oil is nestled tightly with Barbary Fig Seed Oil, which surprisingly has a higher content of Vitamin E than Argan itself. The Europeans are seeing a surge of interest in Barbary Fig Seed oil, which contains an endless stream of over 80% unsaturated fatty acids and sterols to help firm up saggy skin from those not-so-pretty puffiness and dark circles. “Some folks in France have describe it as 'nature's botox in a bottle' for its ability to smooth our skin and fight wrinkles,” says Victoria Fantauzzi.

There is, of course, the elusive Blue Tansy oil blended in rather mutely. It’s an unconventional absolute, highly touted for suppressing the puff (read: antihistamine action) while adding a warm, balsamic sweetness. The scent? Soft, seasoned, and almost nostalgic. It’s unfailingly elegant serum that mirrors your natural sebum and wraps around the eye area protectively. Are organic fiend's tastes evolving, moving away from mass produced treatments? I'd say so. La Bella Figura is quckly becoming synonymous with handcrafted organic beauty. This serum proves once again how the brand’s credo – authentic values and craftsmanship – can, indeed, be found in one bottle. A guilty necessity for those late night guilty pleasures.