Golden Path Alchemy Oneness Body Oil

When it comes to Asian beauty, most brands are known and even appreciated for their drama and artistry, but, on an everyday level, little luxuries from the Far East can cost upwards half a paycheck. But, oils?

This oil has that undeniable charisma, that minimalist fabulosity, that ethereal level of cosmology. This oil asserts itself by adding notes of jasmine, roses and a feathery texture to the core of jojoba, sesame, avocado, sweet almond and olive oils. Despite such filling roster of ingredients, it has a stripped down feel. This oil may seem generic with popularly seen ingredients, but it matches that hype of Asian-inspired, fitfully brilliant conceptualism.

Applying Golden Path Alchemy Oneness Body Oil ($20) is like immersing yourself in a guilty pair of satin pajamas – spilling over with sensuality but met, unexpectedly, by an exhilaratingly gust of coolness. It calms. It relaxes. It breathes. The oil is blended in painstakingly small batches to ensure the high-grade absolutes don’t lose their tenacity – handmade in Los Angeles, using the freshest, local, organic raw materials. In a city spilling over with so many pop-up clinics dishing out conventional Chinese treatments, the brand ups the ante with creations derived from the holistic practices of acupuncture (a form of Chinese medicine that stimulates points on the body that are associated with the flow of energy, also known as chi). Given the long history of holistic therapies, it’s no surprise the founders of Golden Path Alchemy – Ashley Beckman and Minka Robinson – combine healing Asian energies with nutrient rich oils to relieve tension, stress and anxiety. Both ladies are certified in aromatherapy and flower essence therapy and aim to help people achieve their physical and mental equilibrium through honest, energy stimulating treatments.

And, that it does. The synthetic, parabens, glycol, name-any-other-preservative free formula is a charming tangle of essences yields an energizing blend to give you some much-needed yin and yang harmony. The pronounced rose reigns over the jasmine accords resulting in a transparent wash of both florals. After two glides onto legs and arms, skin was definitely left plumper as it’s a light-bodied oil, absorbing upon contact but leaving skin with a velvety slip. An hour later, I couldn't even see where on my arm I had applied it.

I used to think French oils were bastion of the high and mighty. But, since LA seems to be centered around new age-y anything, it makes sense these holistic oils have caught on here. And, for good reason. I’ll surely be going back for more...