Essie Spa Ylang Ylang Leg & Foot Massage Oil

You no longer have to settle for bland uniformity in your oil to get your fetish satisfied, but it might help to know some cooler, more kitschy oils can be found just outside your fave apothecary. Essie Spa has a way of making such an oil that is just a little more than a pedicure accessory; it’s that moisture fix some of you shameless neroli purists should consider.

You know and trust Essie for bringing you a kaleidoscope of swanky colours for your tips. But, from Essie's spa line comes a hidden gem - Ylang Ylang Leg & Foot Massage Oil ($32) is just the antidote to bored body oils which sometimes seem to have overdosed on the norms of lavender and rose. Like the name suggests, it’s purely scented with the tropical sweetness of Ylang Ylang. Unlike the rest of the name, it’s not meant solely for your…ahem, soles. I’m asking….no, urging to expand your poetic canon of experience and slather your legs with the ticklish charms of this floral.

But, before the fine dusting of pure, white scentamentality, the oils. I’m fascinated by the collapse of structure here. Rather uncompromisingly stern but deeply concentrated, Rice Bran oil plays off shrewdly with Coconut, Sandalwood and Jojoba Seed oils. While the Sandalwood is endearing for its warming, balsamic accords, it’s also appreciated for soothing sensitive skins. This is what makes the oil a fixative for post-shave anything. Yes, legs, pits, and any other hairless nooks n’ crannies you’d rather not disclose. Because the oil is so feathery to the touch, it won’t clog pores, let along your hair follicles. Oh, heck, you might even get softer tresses sprouting in those secluded spots where the sun don’t shine.

With Vitamin E to add onto the anti-inflammatory action and Retinol derivatives to treat the most finest of crepiness, the skin is braced by a gentle oil, which diffuses completely. The Ylang Ylang scent, weaved in from its pure absolute, is poised, vibrant and snappy. It adds a gleeful flourish to the cushy oil as if it’s been harvested from a single, springtime field and cued up to blossom from its opening. Sniff it and you’ll smile.

It’s a challenge to tinker with the highly aromatic nuances of a monothematic oil. But, Essie does purity well. Trust me, the pulse points after your pedi will thank you.