Red Flower Indian Jasmine Isla Das Rocas Sea Salt Scrub

Recognizing that jasmine is more than just an essential oil to lace throughout an oil, a startling few number of apothecaries have forged into creating ancillary accessories of sorts around the time-honoured floral to complement a body treatment. If the myriad of vendors selling jasmine variations in the beauty space is any indication of the scent’s popularity and sustainability, the antique craft of exfoliating with fragranced sea salt scrubs may surpass the most popular body oils as an emerging trend. True to fashion, Red Flower demonstrates how to test the conventions of salts with the Indian Jasmine Isla Das Rocas Sea Salt Scrub ($36).

Taking a delicate approach to enhancing your fragrance harmonizing indulgences, Red Flower’s scrub is created from gentle, granular South Atlantic Ocean sea salts immersed within certified organic safflower oil, aloe leaf juice and algae extracts. Safflower oil promotes healthy skin as it contains vitamin E. But, it’s also a good natural source of omega-6, which makes this less likely to form lumps or stick together (sci-fi speak: the molecules repel each other, thus making it more disposed to disperse and stay fluid). What this means is that if the treatment is rich in omega-6, it is more likely to find its way out of the pores than clog them along with skin cells. In fact, this body treatment may even assist in dissolving existing blockages, likely to lead to pesky pimples.

In your quest for a perfect complexion, what better scrub to use on your back and arms, as it will help in dealing with the root cause of acne, going a long way in preventing outbreaks during strapless summer season. To prevent any dehydration from the intense rubdown, active algae extracts are added to normalize the skin’s moisture content and increase surface hydration.

Red Flower’s sea salt (free from petrochemicals and synthetic preservatives) is coarse enough to slough away dead, scaly patches on elbows, heels and anywhere in between while a backdrop of rich essentials lends a luxurious sensuousness to skin. Accented with the heavier Indian Jasmine, the scrub leaves skin softly scented and prepped for your choice of oil…of course, we recommend this treatment for a silkened finish.

Always trust Red Flower to bring a wholesome, down to earth and approachable body treatment…nevertheless sophisticated.