Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil Spray

It’s viscerally intoxicating. Its crystalline structure is a naturalistic beauty. It's like a oil-factory sketch of nature's perfection. Meet Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil Spray ($44).

Rare is an oil that has produced prose so anxious. Call it botanical ingenuity bottled. For those seeking a body oil to fulfill their great expectations, Nuxe delivers. Since 1994, the brand has cemented an enviable reputation, almost directing the market growth for plant-based botanicals oils. Can you even think back to an oil before this reigning incumbent? At a time when everyone seems to be angling around for an eco-righteous alternative,  Huile Prodigieuse still stands apart for singlehandedly spawning many a wanna-be's.

Nuxe’s rise has paralleled the popularity of phyto treatments with its signature blend of 30% precious plant oils keenly constructed around a proprietary scent. For oil connoisseurs, Nuxe is a hallmark of innovation as this super niche brand has been recognized with some top accolades for its research in pharmaceutical expertise - the Most Innovative Laboratory in 2007 (INPI) and the Merit for Natural Cosmetology Research Development (IIPP International 2008) awards. Ironically, the body oil is both artisanal and highly coveted. How in demand is this mesmerizing elixir? One bottle is sold every 7 seconds somewhere in the world. If you're new to oils, soon enough, you'll want to discover this splashing singularity housed in a faceted flacon. It is hard to find a less than delicious bottle with such an elusive scent. If romance could be captured and crafted as a body oil, you can be done with wishing for eternal love with Nuxe.

From the start is the startling scent; a powdery but polished tuberose, a floral of indelible strength and tenacity. Posing a subtle challenge to my discernment, the scent appears to be a classically linear French floral re-imagined, smartly weaved throughout the oils with finesse. It's really possible here to spritz the oil, inhale with eyes closed, and be transported to an Elysian garden.

And, thus the oil. Without synthetic colorants or animal-based ingredients, it’s quite full in style with a masterful blending of Hazelnut, Macadamia, Borage, Sweet Almond, Camellia, St. John’s Wort oils, which leave a rich, but non-greasy after feel. The fragrance is composed around the firm structure and lean, intense character. The hearty Hazelnut base brings lush fatty additives and extraordinarily high Vitamin E content. And, it has tonic qualities to tighten up skin. The seemingly livelier Borage oil addresses the dry patches by encouraging cell turnover its brimming with gamma linoleic acids. The spray oil is very light-bodied and sinks in so quick, you actually look twice to see where the oil went. The finish? Skin is left with a silkened to the touch. The convenience of the spray top allows you to mist the oil from roots to scalp for a super strengthening hair treatment, which washes out in one rinse. More ways to play? Sure...

With striking vivacity and radiance, we wholeheartedly agree with the Chairman of Nuxe Group, Alize Jabes, who once proclaimed, “Nuxe’s DNA is the marriage of high rigour and a touch of poetry.” Yes, the oil is robust and determined in its ways. Now about that shimmer version...