Molton Brown Cedrus Body Oil

Sleek, minimalist bottle? Check. 

Desirable body oil unfolding with cedrus tree oil?

Most definitely check.

Not all lavender-based body oils are created equal. Molton Brown has managed to create a balanced, unified treatment that goes beyond the classical soliflore infused versions, making this a superniche oil for those in desperate need of some long overdue zzzz’s. Molton Brown’s Cedrus Body Oil ($39) is an undeniably cool cache of oils which infuses classic essences with a deliciously contemporary touch:

  • Moroccan Cedrus Tree Oil to induce a hyper-relaxed state of mind, body, & soul
  • Bulgarian Lavender Oil to uplift the spirit and de-stress sore muscles
  • Evening Primrose Oil to repair skin with deeply moisturizing gamma linolenic acids (these are omega-6 acids, which help stimulate skin & hair growth)
  • Sweet Florida Orange Oil to lock in moisture for dehydrated or even irritated skins
  • Olive Oil to protect from free-radical damage from those skin ravaging oxidants

Breaking from the relentless tradition of using the lavender as the sole essence for leisure, the restorative, slighty fruity oil melts subtly into skin rather than sitting obnoxiously atop. It’s the linear addition of cedrus that adds a breathtaking punch when you need a shot of something stronger. This silky serum-like composition leaves skin feeling instantly soft and smooth. It’s warmth of the cedar oil that ensconces the remaining, voluptuous oils (not too heavy, not too light) that makes it the choice for combating jetlag, stress and restlessness.

For those beleaguered days when a late night aperitif isn’t enough, warm a cupful of the Cedrus Body Oil to help take away the soreness of life. Allow it to lull you into a night of tranquility as it’s a welcome respite for those finicky oil connoisseurs wanting to challenge the norms of lavender.