Marina Featherstone Mimosa Body Oil

For unparalleled luxury, shopping for a body oil is starting to feel as old-fashioned as sorting through local apothecaries until you find that one, hidden treasure…that one rare blend of absolutes that no one else has. So, when Toronto’s super grand Ritz Carlton sought to commission a bespoke line of oils, they turned to Marina Featherstone to bring the same.

Featherstone’s unpretentious line of body oils embraces analogies between an urbane sensibility and uber-luxe craftsmanship. The effervescent oils are created with a pristine execution that are almost distinctive to a fault; essences hand blended and poured by Featherstone, which are then guarded by sensuous black amethyst bottles.

Aesthetically pleasing oils needn't be limited to traditional jojoba and vitamin E. For a while, one ingredient has been on the lips of aromatherapy experts: grapeseed oil. Its age-defying benefits (the oil is loaded with palmitic, palmitoleic, stearic, oleic, linoleic, alpha linolenic, icosanoic, icosenoic and docosanoic fatty acids) have been largely favoured for skincare but, with added antioxidants, skin all over can banish the ill effects of sun’s damaging rays. Grapeseed oil is also superb for those with skin sensitivities because of its natural non-allergenic properties. And, it’s the principal base – to be specific, certified organic cabernet grape seed varietals from Niagara – in the Mimosa Body Oil ($54).

Blossoming from the nutritious grapeseed oil are cranberry and pumpkin essences – both locally sourced from the fields of British Columbia. Used for their UV filtering properties, they help with the absorption and utilization of the above-mentioned essential fatty acids leaving skin more supple. The uplifting lemon verbena notes serve as a nice counterpoint to the fruitiness creating an opulent and plush body, while a proprietary blend of rose and mimosa accords give the oil an indelible edge. The first thing you notice is how light bodied oil the oil is; gliding with a velvety ease thanks to the grapeseed’s feathery slip, leaving behind a sweet, unfettered finish.

It’s a quintessential, but innovative composition of classic essences; one not easily replicated. But, as Featherstone sees it, the difference is one of character. “Creating aromatic compositions comes very easily to me. I usually think of a blend in my head and intuitively formulate it, and when the process is finished I very rarely have to edit my original formulation. I’m also a stickler for quality, especially with my base oils, so sourcing the best possible has been exhaustive. The base oils really make the difference in marrying the aroma perfectly, but especially in the texture.”

You’d be forgiven to shop across the border, as esoteric oil lovers will no doubt find Featherstone’s collection worth the effort, particularly if one enjoys the genre of plant-based, mineral-rich body oils. These are made to order, so you’ll have the privilege of working directly with the genteel Ms. Featherstone. The surprisingly versatile Mimosa Body Oil is a flowery specimen that shines beyond the mass-produced usual suspects.