Josie Maran Argan Beauty Picks

Using oils on your hair & face may be an old school trick, but that’s part of the charm. If you want to transition some of the goodies your body oils bring to a well-curated colour collection onto your vanity table, the choice of using Argan infused products is not simply an indulgence — it's a necessity. A new wave of eco-chic cosmetics loaded with enriching essences is in explode-mode; catering to women serious about addressing skin in need of some anti-aging renewal au natural. And, Josie Maran is worthy example of such an oil indulgence.

While it isn’t the only brand to support Morocco’s female cooperatives by offering local women a steady income, a fair wage, good working conditions, and education through the production and sales of argan oil, Josie Maran does take the next logical step in the long-term trend of bringing argan’s rich concentrations of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E to your everyday basics. Her eponymous line portends a time when one’s oil can do far more than just glaze with shine. The company has been quick to put their succinct stamp onto the argan collective by offering your beauty rituals some supplemental skin benefits (Argan is overflowing with proteins, vitamins and peptides) in addition to a palette of playful colours.

With that in mind, here are our 3 picks to help you get imaginative with Argan:
  • Argan Mascara ($22): Beauty polls show nearly 35% of you said that mascara is the one product you can’t live without (and the most picked product). While some argue the brushes make or break your choice, stroking those lashes with Jojoba oil, Argan oil and certified organic Beeswax will help strengthen flirty strays, leading to longer, plusher flutters.
  • Argan Color Stick ($22): Put a different complexion on your skin with this cream blush, which adds Apricot Kernel and Cocoa Seed Butter oils to Argan. Both are superb conditioning agents, but with the added subtle flush of colour, the stick can knock 10 years off and take you from looking tired to revitalized without 8 hours sleep. The smooth texture in a universally flattering rose shade blends seamlessly, giving you a goof-proof application.
  • Argan Day + Night Eye Cream ($68): For you multitaskers, get your day & night fix in one shot. Because wrinkles can reduce your face value, fight back the ravages of time with aloe vera leaf juice, which helps keep delicate skin around the eyes hydrated throughout the day and night. The heartier texture does make skin feel protected, but it won’t appear heavy.If using a face oil on your skin is unthinkable to some of you, Sephora purists, ease argan into your daily makeover one product at a time. You can simply have your eyes opened to what's been remarkable all along, but once may become an undeniable choice.