Intelligent Nutrients Jasmine Anti-Aging Total Body Elixir

It’s at risk of becoming so common, that it may hinge on the cliché with oil connoisseurs (but so true nonetheless): jasmine oils are not only the sought after absolutes, but they also offer some of the best olfactory experiences on today’s fiercely organic body market. Inventive incarnations of jasmine is becoming increasingly harder thanks to the present-day coterie of handmade versions hitting the market. Niche brands like Intelligent Nutrients (founded by Horst M. Rechelbacher, a Austrian pioneer in plant-based personal care & aromatherapy) argue nature is the world's greatest chemist. And, jasmine is living proof of this. To this day, no chemist has been able to directly replicate neither the elusive scent nor its ornate chemical makeup. Artificial versions do not have its complexity nor its mysterious body. And, that’s not far off point. Take the jasmine flower. It stands for one thing and one thing only. Sweet. Sweetly sensual. Opulent, lush, penetrating sweetness. Full-bodied luscious sweetened musk. Alas, I could go on...
It takes 1,000 lbs. of carefully handpicked, equally clustered flower blossoms to produce one pound of jasmine absolute precious oil. As such, no synthetic variation can compare to the Harmonically Made 100% Pure Sambac ($80) from Intelligent Nutrients. Created from diligent, almost bibulous research into 100% pure jasmine samba from supercritically distilled, sustainably wildcrafted flowers from India. This is a cleverly crafted treatment to appeal to sophisticated sensory buds more attuned to Nars than Neutrogena. Jasmine is considered too delicate to process through the usual steam distillation. Happily, some mystery of chemistry has been shared, particularly on how pressurized extractions lead to purer oils, which most closely mirror the chemical makeup of the mother plant.

Nearly in every aspect of this oil seems ratcheted up at least one notch. The hearty base is comprised of certified organic jojoba, castor, and safflower seed oils. Before the voluptuous quality of the oil is adulterated with further essentials, pure Jasmine Sambac is layered into the core to yield a profusely intense scent. From India, Jasmine Sambac perfect for those with finicky skin temperaments as the essence is nonirritating and non-sensitizing. Thus, the oil brings a complex, authentically exotic scent: the Sambac is full and fresh simultaneously, a rare combination. Most oils are created from the characteristic sweetness of Jasmine Grandiflorum, the less musky/less masculine counterpart to Sambac. Here, the Sambac brings a loftier, sultry oriental floral note to the core.

From there, the oil is then laced with pumpkin, raspberry, red grape, and cranberry seed oils to bring the power packed dose of antioxidants to ward off free radical damage. Together, they expertly protect the skin from pollution and sun damage. Of the roster, the pumpkin seed oil (comprised of palmitic, stearic, oleic, linoleic, linolenic, alpha linolenic, arachidic, eicos-11-enoic and erucic acids) is rich with protein, zinc, as well as polyunsaturated fats to combat weary signs of aging. It’s coupled with the feathery cranberry seed oil to help facilitate the absorption and utilization of the essential fatty acids directly into the skin. The oil rehydrates skin overnight by locking in moisture all the while diminishing fine lines and revealing brighter skin.

The whole heap of elements nutritiously feed skin making it the perfect eco-choice for organo-preferring patrons. But, it’s the earthy quality of the Sambac essence that brings an enchanting interplay between the oils. The crisp and fresh scent isn’t cloying in the very least. When spritzed, the result is a medium-bodied oil, which sinks with ease into parched skins. If the elixir isn’t enough to curb your fix for jasmine, add either of these two compelling companions: the Harmonically Made Jasmine Spirit Essence ($85) and Harmonically Made Jasmine Absolute ($80), which help you flaunt a suave, creamy finish through some serious fragrance harmonizing. When layered in unison, you'll experience an head-to-toe stylistic coherence of jasmine - nature’s marvelous bouquet of personality caught in a surprisingly affordable bottle.