Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment

The Arrival: 12:23 pm
From down under comes an amazingly transformative fix for those seeking to bring some long lost luster and glow. In the petite, amber tinged bottle (undoubtedly the same one used in the notorious wave-like bottled ceiling at Aesop’s offices in Adelaide) is a conserve of beguiling essences. Rosa Damascana, Orange Flower, and Violet Leaf oils are set against the dewy heart of Camellia Japonica, Evening Primrose & Sweet Almond oils. I’m intrigued to the point of silence as I gently cradle Aesop’s Damascan Rose Facial Treatment ($67) in the palm of my hand. Giddy with glee, I cannot wait to cleanse tonight.

The Application: 9:24 pm
The oil opens up immediately from the dropper, developing a full body and a luscious texture but really hits its stride by the 5th drop. It sinks into my newly exfoliated skin straight away. It’s very light bodied in form. The texture is driven by the fine Camellia Japonica oil, a non-clogging oil very rich in mono-saturated essential fatty acids. It's a base particularly high in oleic acid that exceeds the level of olive oil. Camellia Japonica also contains vitamins, A, B, and E and various minerals, all of which keep in an optimum moisture level & protect your skin from drying for a longer period of time. A useful point for the cold winter months ahead. From the absolutes, an effervescent rose unfolds gracefully with hints of violet leaf and orange, both which are integrated with a pronounced sweetness to calm and nurture temperamental skin.

The Morning After: 7:46 am
Morning skin has an unexpected slip of elegance as it remains irresistible to the touch. The eyes don’t seem to have the usual crepiness as the skin appears more supple, which shows this to be compatible with other eye treatments.

The Results: 10:08 am
Late start today. I add a couple of drops to my matte foundation since brunch doesn’t demand a full face. The sheer wash of colour and concealment still imparts a demi-matte finish without any trace of shine or grease. But, skin does feel more hydrated as the foundation isn't settling into any laugh lines.

The Verdict: 2:55 pm
I’m in love with this decadent elixir – one that is built with a lively depth and complexity. From an underexploited star of fine plant-based ingredients and non-botanical anti-oxidants, I’d say this is one refined treatment to supplement all skin types.

The Final Word: 3 Days Later
The oil consistent, appealing, and specialized enough to become the oliological equivalent of an anti-aging serum to use daily under your moisturizer. Aesop's Director, Dennis Paphitis, says it best:

"This is the product that Aesop staff would gladly not sell: we would prefer to keep it for ourselves."

The treatment is simply brimming with deliciousness and I would have no hesitation about adding a bottle or two to my personal collection as the satiny smooth finish is testament to this oil's immediate approachability...if the staff will spare me some.