Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Body Oil

There is that moment when you try a new oil or sniff a new fragrance that you believe you’re looking at the beginning of some untamed beauty. If you close your eyes, and you can almost waft the heavy air of organic essences that dots the Portfofino cityscape of Meditteranean florals and bespoke fragrance. This was our moment when we tried this. Like a veil of silk, Tom Ford’s Neroli Portfofino Body Oil ($70) is such an aromatic experience down that dreamy memory lane.

It’s a body oil for the luxe set. In it, you’ll uncover some profoundly serious Neroli, zesty grapeseed, and full-bodied olive fruit oils expertly blended with date seed extract. Ford takes the best of these ingredients to make an oil much more than the sum of its parts. The date seed extract is highly favoured to stimulate collagen synthesis as the seeds are rich in triterpenic derivatives. Say what? News to us, too. There’s a very rich herbal quality to this oil with lavender, ambrette seeds, and angelica root. Softly scented with orange blossoms surrounding a woody core, the sylph-ish oil has a classic finish leaving behind no trace of shine.

If you’re a fan of Neroli's depth and scent, here is your bastion of floral happiness.