Suki Delicate Hydrating Oil

Is that a thin layer of dust I see on my slimy hydrating mask?  When was the last time I gave myself an at-home facial? Am I getting [gasp] smile lines from laughing without restraint? happens to even the most dedicated huile-istas. You’ve tried oil after oil, sniffed more glass flacons than imagined, and even toss the older versions onto your hair for a quick fix. You are officially suffering from oil fatigue.

Oils are the new serum verging on the clich√©. The versatility of multi-faceted face & body oils are enjoying a new golden age. Some are light; others are cloying. Some smell great; others are pure enough to eat. If you’re the type who’d rather covet a product for a weekly treatment instead of daily use, Suki Delicate Hydrating Oil ($24.95) makes for a rewarding investment.

I emphasize weekly intentionally because I believe, after years of diligent, bibulous research on skin care, that the only truly outstanding products deliver spa-like results. Suki is of that mold. Skillfully crafted of 100% pure vegan ingredients, you’ll see gentle chamomile, anti-inflammatory arnica and antioxidant-rich rose oils balanced with apricot kernel oil. Arnica essential oil is used in scar creams to promote healing and lessen scarring, according to the Nutritional Supplements Health Guide. This makes it ideal to use for acneic skin, which may leave discolorations from those DIY pimple popping sessions. You know who you are…

This gentle, botanical blend cushions your skin, leaving it feeling supple and luxuriously hydrated. Exfoliate with a grainy scrub, steam face for 10 minutes to detox pores of any gunk, and apply the hydrator to intensify any moisturizer you’ll smooth atop. When you get a whiff of the woodsy scent, remember to….r-e-l-a-x.

I love uncovering lesser known brands, which allows me to be surrounded by some amazing niche oils and to have befriended several aromatherapists. They’re industrious, deeply attached to their craft and fiercely loyal to their consumers. I find they often favour the quality of a superb product over mass marketing. Which means you’ll likely end up with higher-grade oils and extracts (comfrey in Suki's infusion) for a better price.