Red Flower Indian Jasmine Organic Bath, Body & Massage Oil

It comes as no surprise…it's known as the Queen of Jasmine flowers. I’m in love with its deception, its lilt, & its modesty. With jasmine, as in so many things, the sensory experience has always been a delicate balance between a desire for exoticism and the need for a sweet, seductive play with scent. It’s also no surprise to see the proliferation of jasmine oils in the beauty space for its timeless loveliness.

Because of the quantity of petals needed to make jasmine’s essential oil, it is rare and highly sought after. It was extremely valuable oil during ancient times. Because it was thought to have aphrodisiac powers for many centuries it was used in different cultures for a myriad ceremonies. The Chinese used jasmine in sick rooms to cleanse the air. The Egyptians used it to relieve nervous disorders, insomnia & headaches. The Chinese still drink jasmine tea on a daily basis, and in Indonesia it is used as a garnish to food. And, in India? Well, there isn’t a Mughal anecdote, a lover’s legend, a Bollywood entrapment without the flicker of jasmine. Wherever the flower is sourced, jasmines are picked at night (an experienced picker can pick 10,000-15,000 blossoms per night), when the aroma is most intense.

And, intense is my adoration. Red Flower Indian Jasmine Organic Bath, Body & Massage Oil ($18) has a permanent place on my vanity table. And, should earn the same revere on yours...

Here comes a cosmic flux of jasmine flowers, jasmine sambac, tangerine, neroli and ylang ylang. Entwined within this exquisitely ornate beauty of an oil is the reliable jojoba oil. There is a subtle erotic tension captured within the oil is second to none. The abundance of jasmine expertly plays off the calm of ylang ylang and twist of neroli. It's an impeccable body treatment, so divine in its making, that I even used it over my face to carry me off to a dreamy slumber. The mere 1.9 oz bottle is both exasperating and exhilarating, as if you’re lucky to score a bottle, you’ll be out of it sooner than you’ll know. Skinwise, jasmine oil tones dry, greasy, irritated and sensitive skin, increases elasticity and is often used to assist with stretch marks and to reduce scarring. It’s also proven to increase cell turnover, which may explain the reduction in discolourations. Jasmine oil brings a high content of esters, which make up about 70% of the oil. Aside from its notorious reputation as an aphrodisiac, these esters have potent anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. So, yes, blemished or nicked skin will enjoy the fast absorbing oil. Red flower’s resplendent oil has a pillowy heart with a clean aesthetic. There are so many other oils which are so much more easier to love…but, Red Flower’s warming jasmine has stolen my heart.