Pratima Love Oil

Pratima Love Oil ($24) is like a sensory passage to India. The oil, much like the country, boasts a hodgepodge of Eastern spice influences: cinnamon to increase circulation; clove to strengthen the immune system; cardamom to invigorate and warm the body. In a parallel harmony, these oils permeate all 7 layers of skin to instantly to provide herbaceous nutrients to feed the skin and soul. And, collectively they allow you to experience in the ageless practice of Ayurveda: the use of sumptuous oils to immerse the mind, body, and spirit with divine elements.

Those who have mastered their dosha analysis and downward-facing dog are turning to unconventional brands to give stressed skin an incarnated cushy comfort. Dr. Raichur (Ayurvedic doctor & classically trained chemist, botanist, & aesthetician) has been practicing Ayurveda for over 30 years, and is internationally recognized for her acute sense of diagnosing doshas. These are the 3 fundamental energies that exist within each of us and more often than not are imbalanced by life’s aggressors (daily life can bring a gaggle of stresses from work, marriage, sex and even beauty conundrums). Specialists identify individual needs and tailor individual treatment plans based on you...and only you. She introduced the concept in 1980 at Pratima Ayurvedic Skincare Spa – Manhattan’s stress-busting spot that practices the 5,000 year-old art of Indian medicine in a modern spa setting.

Pratima Love Oil – with a powerful stirring of mineral rich essences (calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, as well as vitamins A and C) intermixed throughout the emollient sweet almond oil – is a responsible luxury. Its ingredients are certified organic and sourced directly from sustainable farms in India, This oil sinks in so quickly that I can apply it straight on after getting out of the shower in the morning and dressed straight after. It leaves a subtle and relaxing scent on my skin thanks to its de-stressing blend of lush lavender, velvety rose petals and creamy vanilla, which have been kept in tact to give each new pouring a symphony of potent flavors that compete yet complement. Together, they make for one pure, mystical frenzy of a body oil. Not a scaly patch in sight.

Use the oil to bring a divine wellness to your heart and help further an inner flow toward brahmacharya, the exalted state where must learn to shun all vulgar people and past times. It’ll swiftly set your karma to all things right again.