Philosophy Lip Shines

Psst…gloss has oil?

Shhh…yes, some do…and some…


Some…well say they do, but some have MORE.

Chappy lips seek out topical moisture like a Jenny Craig reject, falling off the wagon after spotting a sale on Oreos. In a fit for desperation, those dry puckers may opt for an icky Chapstick, but we say…WHY? When you can use glosses fortified with natural oils, why slap on a layer of inert wax? While we don’t ostracize those products that contain a a few droplets of some highly touted, trendy oil, we do rush straight to our vanity tables the ones where an essential and/or botanical oil is listed within the top 5 ingredients. Why, again? Glad you asked! Because the higher the concentration of an ingredient, the higher up it will be listed on the packaging.

So, slick your lippies with Philosophy Lip Shines ($10) in Raspberry since the sprightly sunflower seed oil will help perennially dried pouts retain moisture thanks to the oil’s high Vitamin E content. Pair the warmed pink gloss over any neutral lip liner for all day, sheer glimmer.

If you’re ready to abandon those waxy, pocket-sized sticks, here’s a simple gloss middling with high-def shine.