Nars Body Glow II

It’s serene. It’s ethereal. It’s splendid. It’s Nars Body Glow II ($59). Not to be confused with its bronzy predecessor, the original Body Glow, the sequel is gets almost to a near-perfect status in my book. Well, probably because I’m such a gardenia freak. Here is a body oil rife with possibilities.

First off, the heavenly scented Monoi de Tahiti oil is manufactured in Tahiti from pure Tahitian coconut oil and Tiare flowers. Saturating the creamy Tiare petals in refined coconut oil for about 15 days creates a delicately balanced treatment oil. It's this maceration process, which allows for those perfunctory essential fatty acids to be extracted. Intuitive in nature, the velvety Tiare flower has been deeply etched in the French Polynesian territory for generations and is considered one of the most important plants of the traditional pharmacopoeia. This blending of two indigenous ingredients is almost ceremonious by most standards. Nars upholds this islander tradition by including a stem of the floral essence within the sturdy glass bottle. The oil is also stabilized with Vitamin E oil to prevent rancidity and it often contain added fragrance or natural extracts. Monoi oil is extraordinarily safe, since it doesn't cause any skin reaction, and carries no risk of allergies. In fact, historically and even today, Tahitian woman will traditionally massage their babies with monoi oil in the morning and at night.

The specially cultivated oil is nicely attenuated to the angelic scent of gardenia, and has an airy feel to it – so weightless, I used it on my face and found it absorbed within seconds. And, its this breathtakingly sheer gardenia scent that made for an deeply nourishing hair mask, easy on the nose. I didn't even feel the greasy strands atop. Warm up gently and leave for 30 min before rinsing.

Uncluttered in composition, Body Glow II is a lush, translucent oil – splendid in sweetness – for luminous skin all around.