Lush UltraBalm

Everyone gets a bout of pesky dry skin. It's one annoying problem. That’s why oils and balms exist. To shed those peeling patches, crusty corners or flaky spots. Whether you get dry skin unintentionally (a mid-day romp on the beach without SPF) or with reason (that post-35 chemical peel), an all-purpose balm should address the tight, itchiness with a moisturizing ease. But, most don’t thanks to unnecessary synthetic dyes, fillers, & other nasty chemicals.

But, here’s my problem: I’m what you might call a balm buff. Some people can’t stand the slither of salve. Me, I don’t feel refreshed until every nook n’ cranny of my bod has some treatment cream/oil/balm seeping into its pores. Period. Worse, I often end up using pricier face balms on my hands and feet as I can never find a balm that does what it promises to do. That was until I got my hands on Lush Ultrabalm ($12).

Hand made & packaged in a utilitarian tin container, Ultrabalm looks like butterfat but smells incredibly fresh. I immediately slathered on the greasy cream and became an instant convert. Within seconds, the dense cream melted onto my tootsies. And, yes, you get shine. The you-know-this-is-going-in-way-deep kind. Finally! A reason to drench my cracked, dry, rough heels and cover with cotton socks for an overnight treatment.

For the price, this is one ultra-rich, luxurious balm. For sensitive skin types, Ultrabalm is for you because it’s created from blended candelilla wax (a vegan alternative to beeswax) and juicy jojoba oil. In unison, these create a protective barrier on the skin to lock in precious moisture. But, it’s the delicate rose wax that soothes post-waxed/threaded/peeled problematic dry spots. In 12 sleepy hours, the emulsion quietly improved texture and suppleness by diminishing my tight, dry skin on feet. Lush moisturizers have been intentionally formulated to not only put much needed moisture into skin, but also have humectant properties to help the skin maintain its water balance. No preservatives, additives, chemicals, or petroleum added for longevity. Just 3 cleverly curated organic ingredients to make one marvelous balm.

PS - to Reggie (whose mischievous mug shot is stickered on the bottom as proof of his fine handiwork)…super size this stuff. Please.