Kate Somerville Clearing Mask

Gone are the days of granny’s goopy gunk. More women are opting for at-home facials, as seen by the influx of spa-like products found easily at your favourite stockists. These products have been revamped in quality and are easy to use, unlike those mucky mud masks from yesteryear, which often left your skin burning & red from supposed mineral enriched formulations. But, a rare crop of treatment masks incidentally use essential oils to nurture skin while detoxing grimy pores. If your needs include a cure for blotchy skin, clogged pores or full-on break outs then Kate Somerville Clearing Mask ($45) fits the bill.

Much more than a deep-cleansing treatment, this kaolin-based/oil-rich mask actively re-energizes and brightens the skin as it draws out impurities. Skin is serenaded with an impressive list of components hails with one unorthodox ingredient:
  • Kaolin clay: to purge skin of environmental toxins and excess oil
  • Linseed oil: to strengthen the skin and reduces rednessArgan kernel oil: to regulate sebum productionSesame seed extract: to deeply moisturize, lift, tone and firm the skin
  • Lavender oil: to soothe the senses
  • Retinyl palmitate: to penetrate deeper layers of the skin to reach & strengthen collagen and elastin (aka the all-around favourite, retinol)

For many spa-goers, eliminating skin stress is what it's all about, and that's the way this mask works for me. Used once a week, a clay mask will help to balance your skin and prevent your glands from becoming over stimulated. But, it’s the organic oils which tenderly feed the skin with high-grade essentials to leave skin glowy & plumped.The nifty packaging is a vast improvement over glass jars. The tube meets with a twisty top that dispenses the mask easily without wasting extraneous product or drying out the rest inside. Intuitively, it’s a quirky paragon: using a clay mask to clean out pores and using oils to put others back in. But, it works. So much so, I actually stopped visiting my aesthetician since my at-home slather time allows me to...blog!