Hope Gillerman Organics Flowers Face Balm

Flowers Face Balm ($21) has no tricks up its sleeve. The 11 simple, organic ingredients (hand blended, packed into a no-nonsense apothecary jar, labeled with an endearing retro-chic print) give you one epic face treatment that doesn’t occlude skin’s natural regenerative work. The opaque, very dense balm with its faint flowery smell is a serious fixer-upper for distressed skin in need of repair.

The all-time favourite coconut oil (structured with emollient beeswax) reigns in supremacy here. The oil is high in monounsaturated fatty acids, which have been shown to have antioxidant properties with potential benefits against skin aging. As we age, we produce less and less oil and our skin dries and loses luster. The use of coconut oil results in the return of optimal skin health. But, it’s the quiet ylang ylang essential oils that immediately struck up a qualified love from us. No over-processed organic extracts or imitation fragrances here. Just pure, sweet, wholesome goodness to fortify skin’s natural barrier against the loss of precious moisture. The fragility of herbal basics, Gillerman has learned, trumps lab synthetics and honesty trumps nameless marketing. It’s the kind of authentic apothecary that promotes a healthy plushness, which has brand devotees awaiting for new product release after release.

Use the balm sparingly over any topical, serum or even moisturizer to intensify your every day skincare system. Very quickly, you’ll see just how very little goes along very far. We got so carried away with the stuff, we spent half the jar getting our tootsies ready for summer strappies…thankfully, the astute Ms. Gillerman pointed out there’s a body version of this glorious emulsion.

Oh, snap!