Josie Maran’s Moisturizing Argan Stick

In a desperate quest for some action, you’ve sprayed layers of dry oils, doused yourself with kitchen oils, and even a took drunken booty call from a heavy, mineral based Pond’s cream.

Josie Maran’s Moisturizing Argan Stick ($22) is one way to fill the gaping void left behind crafty body oils, which sometimes need time to absorb. Let’s face it – most of us slather our face and body oils at night, as very few have down time in your 6 am mad dash to join the commuting masses. This is snobbery, we say. A true huile-ista can do both. And to do so, the Argan stick is that perfect, multi-functional oil-in-a-stick, which allows you to treat flaky dry spots (elbows, knees, and even unsightly calluses), with intoxicating Argan oil. A tender, caring oil stick which spreads with a feathery ease encased in a utilitarian, recyclable tube to make travel easy. Eco-gals will love the chemical-free, sulfate-free, synthetic-free formulation, making this a squeaky clean spread for sensitive skins.

So, you got the 411 on Argan’s basics, but here’s why we can’t get enough of the stuff. In addition to high amounts of essential fatty fixatives, it also contains up to 90% of tocopherols. Translation: tocopherols are responsible for the impressive effectiveness of Argan oil as natural antioxidant. It is particularly these “guardian angels,” which are in charge of protecting all valuable unsaturated fatty acids against the destruction by free radicals.

Dr. Peter Schleicher writes (in his book, Argan Oil): “Argan oil seems to be a guarantor for cell rejuvenation and therefore a veritable fountain of youth.” Healthy, flawless and taut skin (as that of the legendary Berber women, who hand press Moroccan grown, Argan nuts into the marvelously decadent oil) is an obvious hint at their use of the nutritious oil on a regular basis.

So say goodbye to a rushed skin care regime and hello to your in-transit treatment goodie.