Red Flower Blossoms Cardamom Amber Oil

There are basically two kinds of body oils.

In the first, sublime oils bring a nutritional multitude of benefits for skin issues. Deeply hydrating, chock full of fortified ingredients, though often lacking in a distinguishable fragrance. In the second, the oil is like a sachet of exotic florals laced in delicate compositions, creating a haughty veil of fragrance. Airy in feel, ingredients most likely organic, these oils end on an addictive note. And, yes, still nourishing.

Cardamom Amber Oil by Red Flower ($44), a richly musky oil, belongs to the latter. The love for a deeply regenerative oil never fizzles. But, when a girl wants to flirt with a purely fragrant journey, Cardamom Amber oil is a lofty treatment, which transports you away like a frothy Calgon commercial. Spritz the oil to waft through a fragrant symphony of cardamom, bergamot, rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, black pepper, sweet orange and apricot oils. Wonderfully delightful, the light-handed spicy overture leaves little room for any amber underpinnings, but does leave skin sweetly scented. Interesting to us is how cardamon oil is widely appreciated for its stimulating effect (boosts up spirit in cases of depression, fatigue, etc.) A single girl’s perfect Friday night companion. The sensuality of the oil is all encompassing; a tickle-me-to-the toes kind of experience, though the honeyed scent is fleeting for most. A winner in packaging, as we often wish more of our oils came in spray form for easier applications. Like most dry oils, it disappears upon application, leaving no trace of shine.

A floral fusillade that warms up just right.