Persephenie Neroli Infusion Organic Body Oil

Africa is a world out of time. From the remote hilly regions of Southern Africa, grows a obscure but mighty tree – the marula. With legendary healing properties, hand-pressed extracts from the tree bring a dense oil weighty in Vitamin E. It’s this nectar that makes for the full bodied Persephenie Neroli Infused Organic Body Oil ($38). The addition of cult fave absolute Neroli to Marula Oil attenuates the deep character and makes Persephenie’s Body Oil a serious contender for huile-istas who prefer a no-nonsense, deftly viscous oil.

Marula oil repairs the skin’s barrier function and stimulates the synthesis of collagen. It’s proven to render free radicals – those nasty air elements primarily responsible for cell aging – harmless. It boosts the skin with valuable moisture for a supple feel thanks to having a high fatty acid content. The oil spreads easily, though for the price and size, we’d bet our 1.7 oz bottle would empty out in just under a month. It’s a heavier oil, with a pronounced body, ideal for using it on dehydrated nooks n’ crannies such as feet and elbows. The oil shows a precise style, at the same time elegant and aerial, displaying finely etched accords of orange blossoms.

The nimble balance between the floral Neroli and aromatic Marula draws you in for one superb overnight treatment.