Terracotta Baume Au Coeur High-Shine Soothing Lip Balm

I can certainly sympathize with those of you who are experiencing balm fatigue. It seems everyone from mainstream brands to out-of-home organo-chicks are coming out with an all-natural lip treatment, chock full of hearty butters used ubiquitously in seemingly every other new balm that comes out. Yes, lovelies...it takes quite a mighty balm to slick these lips.

The latest iteration of the classic tin balm is by the highly revered beauty brand – Guerlain. The Terracotta Baume Au Coeur High-Shine Soothing Lip Balm ($30) is a softly textured lip treatment that guarantees an ideal moisture base for dehydrated lips. We can already see huile haters lining up to protest against this newcomer for using a commonly misaligned oil. But, lest we forget it is listed 4th down the roster of ingredients. Pay no heed to its inert function, as alongside the wild mango butter is a robust dollop of marula oil to nourish those pouty puckers.

The Marula tree is one of the great trees indigenous to Southern Africa. Every part of the tree is utilized for an incredible variety of domestic needs (fruits, liqueurs, kernels, bark, and even leaves). But, important to us is how marula oil has been shown to have free radical scavenging properties higher than most oils on the market. Easily absorbed, high proportions of oleic acid, as well as the essential linoleic fatty acid, have been shown to improve skin hydration, skin smoothness and reduce redness.

This ethereal lip balm provides a subtle glaze of colour with a creamy scent. Not quite vanilla, not quite rose, but quite all right for the olfactory aficionado in me. Rose Venus made my lips look natural, but better. Though I’ll say I find myself using it (more often than not) over my MUFE #3 lip liner.

A sensationally sheer synergy of hydration while protecting skin against environmental factors.